What our customers say

“NTE has earned my support. I have seen the character of this organization first-hand as NTE professionally developed and permitted their state-of-the-art facility, closed their financing and broke ground and construction…just as they said they would do…This project has been a win-win for our entire community and I expect it to be for years to come.”

Middletown, Ohio Mayor Larry Mulligan

“This agreement will ensure that we’re able to provide McCormick residents with reliable and affordable electricity from some of the cleanest, most-efficient electric generating facilities around.”

McCormick CPW General Manager Adam Hedden

What was enticing about NTE was the known energy rates. We know we will see a savings.”

Winterville, North Carolina Assistant Town Manager Ben Williams

“Lower electric rates not only help local families by reducing electricity costs, but also spur economic development, helping to attract new businesses and boost employment.”

Camden, South Carolina City Manager Mel Pearson

“Our decision to leave Duke Energy as our power provider and team up with NTE…is already paying dividends. The end result of our town’s actions will be a 9% electrical rate reduction.”

Town Board of Black Creek, North Carolina

“There are no true-ups to this new contract. We do have control over our cost. …We won’t have swings in our costs each year for our customers. We can stabilize it for a long time, and I think that’s a benefit. I think it’s a great opportunity.”

Concord, North Carolina Electric Systems Director Bob Pate