NTE Energy to Implement Groundbreaking Greenhouse Gas Reduction Program for Killingly Energy Center

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. – NTE Energy, a leading power generation developer in the U.S., has taken its commitment to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and increasing renewable generation to a new industry level. Today, NTE announced that the Killingly Energy Center, a planned 550 MW natural gasfired electric generating facility located in Northeastern Connecticut, will support the State of Connecticut’s compliance with the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2008. This action includes a voluntary commitment to reduce GHG emission levels from the Killingly Energy Center facility to at least 80% below its initial operating levels by 2050. Beyond this, NTE has committed to retiring the facility in 2050 or otherwise operating the facility with no net greenhouse gas emissions.

NTE’s commitment serves as a new paradigm of environmental stewardship for the energy industry, especially as the current state of uncertainty threatens the progress made in reducing GHG emissions. NTE’s voluntary reductions will cause the Killingly Energy Center to operate less over time, purchase offsets, and advance carbon-free technologies. This assures that, although natural gas power generation has its place as a clean, cost-effective baseload power generation source, the growth of renewable power generation and GHG emission free sources remains the priority in helping create a clean economy for future generations.

“NTE has always been extremely committed to environmental stewardship and renewable power generation,” said NTE CEO Seth Shortlidge. “Our decision here is greater than economics, or the current benefits of natural gas power generation. This is about being a leader and challenging other power generators to be even more accountable for today’s energy needs and tomorrow’s effects on global warming.” The Killingly Energy Center is expected to go into commercial operation in 2020.


About NTE Energy

NTE Energy develops and acquires strategically located electric generation and transmission facilities within North America. The team executes all aspects of project development, from initial market and site evaluations and permitting to financing and construction. NTE Energy is actively developing and constructing conventional and renewable power projects across the U.S. For more information, visit www.nteenergy.com.

About Killingly Energy Center

The Killingly Energy Center is a planned 550 MW natural gas-fired electric generating facility located in Killingly, CT. Once completed, the Killingly Energy Center will be on the cleanest, most efficient natural gas power generation facilities in North America and a reliable source of base load power for communities throughout the region. The Killingly Energy Center will be air-cooled and will displace less efficient coal and oil facilities throughout the region, reducing emissions and stabilizing electricity costs.

For more information, visit www.killinglyenergycenter.com.


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