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Partner Professional





As a Partner Professional, NTE Energy will include you on a contracted basis in our client-focused teams that provide services to a wide range of clients. NTE Energy’s Partner Professional program offers many of the benefits associated with independent consulting without the headaches of managing administrative and bookkeeping functions, business development or insurance. Click HERE for more information. 

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NTE recognizes the proliferation of employment scams in the digital age.  Please be advised that any NTE Energy job openings posted on third-party recruitment websites are likely not legitimate, unless the position is also posted by in the space above.  

NTE has discovered that unauthorized emails were sent to external parties from fake accounts impersonating NTE employees. These messages were sent from addresses that appeared to be similar to our company’s legitimate email addresses. We have promptly taken measures to prevent this from happening again. However, we urge you to exercise caution and let us know immediately if you receive communications from unusual email addresses and the like.